Founded in 1982, here's a little bit about us

Bill Ceschi
With Ants & Things
since 1992
Ants & Things Pest Control was founded in 1982 by Richard Swettman of Sayville, NY.
'Uncle Ritchie' as he was affectionately called, was well known for his friendly and
caring nature. His dedication to hard work and his keen ability to quickly solve tough
pest problems earned him customers from Sayville east to Montauk Point.

In 1991, Swettman sold Ants & Things to Bob Heiney of Bayport. Heiney had recently
purchased Holbrook Pest Control and coincidentally was looking to gain customers on
the East End of Long Island. Ants & Things grew significantly during the next 10 years
with the addition of a major LI hospital, Nursing Homes, restaurants, big box stores, and
many residential customers.

In 2002, Bill Ceschi took over as President and Owner. Bill is Richard Swettman's
nephew. Ceschi started as an apprentice pest control technician and steadily worked his
way up to the position he enjoys today. He is an expert in insect control, rodent
elimination, and nuisance wildlife removal, having worked directly as a technician for
over a decade. As President, Bill Ceschi trains his technicians as he was trained -
through textbooks, seminars, and in the field.

Bill has the same work ethic as his Uncle and Founder of Ants & Things - hard work and
dedication to constant improvement. And as a local business owner and family man, he
is sensitive to the needs of his growing list of customers. Each of which he knows
Ants & Things Pest Control
Serving Suffolk & Nassau Counties since 1982